Paola Rossi studied architecture at the University of Belgrano and then also at the same university reinforced her studies with a MASTER in Real Estate Developments.

 In the last 20 years she developed a very fruitful career as an architect and interior design, participating annually at CASA FOA and CASA FOA CHILE.

The majority of his career was in Punta del Este Uruguay, being leisure houses one of his themes where his architecture was strongest.

I also work in CHILE on projects that are being developed in Chilean spas and are currently carrying out a residential building in MIAMI, and 2 Urbanizations in San Luis.

 With the authorship of more than 15 houses in Uruguay, 10 years ago I also developed an avant-garde project of CASAS CONTAINERS called PROJECT CONTAINER.

With this project, MEDALLA DE ORO won at CASA FOA CHILE in addition to awards such as BEST DESIGN OF MODULAR HOUSES.

A couple of years ago and given his fondness for both suits and tuxedos, added to the complex of finding valid options for his design requirement, he began to design this project in fashion.

Last September at the NYFW and the PFW he presented his first TUXEDOS in influencers and models such as DIGNITY and JIMENA BUTTILENGO.

 In NOVEMBER 2019 he presented his first collection at the Spanish embassy within the framework of the SIX O CLOCK, and in the same frame but in the SIX O CLOCK of PUNTA DEL ESTE January 2020 he presented his second HIGH SUMMER collection with excellent reviews. 

At this time, he is preparing to present his entire “AMAZONAS” WINTER AUTUMN 20/21 collection at the Argentine consulate in NEW YORK in the framework of the NEW YORK FASHION WEEK on FEBRUARY 11, 2020.

This designer proposes a strong concept focused solely on TUXEDOS FOR WOMEN. Very proliferating in its design capacity it presents a collection that is divided into CLASICS, DISRUPTIVS, AVANT GARDE, AMAZONAS and FASHION.

It also presents its collection of shoes, body chains, bracelets, facinators and hats in collaborations with designers in each category.

Its concept aims to cover the TOTAL LOOK.

Your way of marketing will be through your E-COMMERCE WWW.ROSSITUXEDO.COM